Gillian Robertson
I am Gillian, I live in Falkirk with my husband, Dave, my daughter, Eilidh (back at home, studying on-line) and our two wonderful dogs, Glen and Patch.
After over thirty years in Special Education, I began my new journey as a Celebrant in January, 2020.
I value family, community and connection and feel very lucky to be able to combine these with a love of Ceremony and honouring of life’s threshold moments, of which there are so many.
I believe in compassion, warm-heartedness and kindness and I bring these qualities to my interactions with families: I am committed to listening deeply and working together to craft a Ceremony that is unique and right for your particular threshold moment.
It is such a privilege to create a Ceremony that allows us to step away from our busy lives, our ordinary thoughts. A Ceremony that lets us focus on the power of the moment, and join in connection with a circle of special people, to honour the occasion, the love, the sadness, the joy, the real emotion of the ceremony.
People make stories … And stories make people . I love to be the writer of people’s stories. I love to weave your stories into the Ceremony, drawing on customs, traditions and rituals that are right for you … or creating new traditions that reflect you … And can perhaps be used for other ‘threshold moments’ in your family: becoming new traditions, unique to you and yours.
If a family member has additional support needs, I also offer help, if needed, to deal with loss, grief and attending funeral services.
You will find more information on my Facebook page.
I look forward to meeting with you.

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