What a journey my life has been: born in Scotland to a Ukrainian father and a Welsh mother, I began my life as a ballet dancer and went to Hong Kong for a 6-month tour and ended up staying for 12 years marrying and having a son.

We then moved to Tokyo where I had a daughter, but with a marriage ‘lost in translation’ I relocated to Scotland with the children, where I live rurally near Douglas.

In high school, I had no confidence and longed to be a part of the after school drama club. More than two decades later, after choreographing a dance for International Women’s Day, I was asked to take part in a play. I loved it so much that I went on to college and then University, graduating in 2009 as a professional actor. I am signed with Smile Casting Agency and I also run Shine Bright Entertainments theatre company, which focuses on community theatre.

As with acting, I had often thought of being a celebrant. Although my own marriage didn’t work, I absolutely believe in love: I know now that I had to simply love myself first.

When my friend’s son unexpectedly died two years ago, I recognised that we do not know how long we have in this life and I became aware how much I had been holding myself back. From that moment, I vowed to live life to the full: I trained as a wedding and funeral celebrant two years ago and love being part of the close community at SICA.

All my ceremonies are written with you in mind after an in-depth meeting and are completely personalised so they are unique to you. I specialise in Celebrations of Life that appreciate the person and the joy they brought to us, and intimate, or spectacular weddings that can be as creative, as fun, or as spiritual as you are. It can even be in rhyme; with international cultural rituals, or partially in Cantonese.

As an Access Bars Practitioner, I include a session of Access Bars for the lead family member in funerals and the couple for weddings. From my performance background, I offer presentation and relaxation techniques to those reading or making a speech. You have unlimited contact for support and I am here to help your ceremony shine bright ~ just like you or your loved one.

Shine Bright Celebrant

Glynis Wozniak

Tel: 07399796170



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