Having 30 years of public service, I have experience of building relationships and trust with families and individuals from all walks of society and backgrounds.  I know that diplomacy, providing support and saying or doing the right thing at the right time is invaluable, especially at times of uncertainty and vulnerability, such as when you’ve lost a loved one.

Using this experience and skills in public speaking, I trained to be an Independent Celebrant in 2021, allowing me to continue to help others, during the worst of times.

Based in the North East of Scotland, I specialise in delivering specifically written funeral services, which are very much tailored to your loved one and can be completely non-religious or include some religious content.

By understanding the tone you require, I ensure each service I compile is specific and a real reflection of the person they were, while concentrating on their life and times and reigniting the memories and experiences you had together.

Recently an elderly widow thanked me during a family meeting and she explained I had helped bring back all the memories she had shared with her husband, that she thought she’d lost.

This, along with other various feedback shows me, the role I do is invaluable and can make a difference at a terrible time.

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