Who can marry us? Independent celebrants create wonderful wedding celebrations, personal ceremonies, as individual as you are, and carried out wherever you want to have them.   However, unfortunately, at the present time, independent celebrants are unable to do the legal part for the marriage.  You still have the ceremony of your dreams, but you do just need to have a brief procedure with the local registrar too, to cover the legal part of the marriage. In Scotland, the only people who can carry out legal marriages are Registrars, Religious clerics and those representing belief bodies.  However, some members of SICA are also part of belief bodies or are religious officiants, and can carry out a legal wedding for you.  Please see each celebrant’s individual page for details.

When two people chose to formally commit themselves to each other, it is a truly glorious time! What a joy to mark your love for each other amongst your special people.

These days, there are so many ways to do this. Each of our SICA celebrants can help you navigate your way through the options, finding the perfect solution for you.

Perhaps you wish to make that commitment all over again! Many couple chose to renew their vows to each other, often on a significant anniversary. What a fantastic opportunity to celebrate a love that has endured and to make those vows to your partner, once again. Maybe you want to do it privately or maybe have the biggest party. Whatever your requirements, any of the SICA celebrants can help makes those dreams a reality. 

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