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    To conduct a funeral is a real privilege for me.  Losing a loved one is something most of us dread.  Being able to say farewell meaningfully whilst honouring the person you have lost is a big moment when you’re grieving.  It is my job to make that happen in the best possible way.

    I will meet with you to get to know the person you have lost, what they meant to you and your family.  I’ll hear your recollections, memories and stories.  When we talk about your person, we may laugh or cry; most likely both, as we prepare for the day.  I then craft your service to reflect the essence of the deceased and to give you a dignified and satisfying occasion to say your proper goodbyes.

    I am not personally religious but, as an independent celebrant, I am free to include anything in your service that respects your wishes.

    There is no subject or circumstance off-limits; my services are for you, your family and for your lost loved one.

    Phone or email me anytime to chat about your needs or to ask any questions.