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Funeral & memorial celebrants in Scotland

The death of a loved one is often a confusing and heart-breaking time.

What is certain, is that you will want to make that final farewell ceremony as loving, personal and as meaningful as possible. A celebration of life, respectfully recalling and sharing precious memories.

Funerals today can be highly personal or deeply traditional. They may take place in crematoria or by a graveside – or in all sorts of different venues, even online. Such choice can be empowering … or overwhelming.

So, let a SICA funeral celebrant guide you, supporting you every step of the way and being a familiar and reassuring presence on the day of the ceremony. Each celebrant is different, but SICA can help you find one whose style and experience resonates with you.

All of our celebrants from across Scotland who conduct funerals are listed below for you to browse. Or use the search boxes above to find someone who works close to you.

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Celebrants covering Funerals

Pamela Dickssica watermark

Pamela Dicks

Naming Ceremonies | Funerals and Memorials | Other Ceremonies

I work between Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire (Banchory and Stonehaven) Montrose and surrounding areas.

I have lived and worked in the North East of Scotland for nearly 30 years.  Family, people and animals have always been central to both my life and work.  I currently work in the NHS in children’s research and facilitating a youth patient advocacy group. I have been writing and conducting funeral and memorial services since the beginning of 2022.

Cate Reidsica watermark

Cate Reid

Naming Ceremonies | Funerals and Memorials | Weddings | Other Ceremonies

My name is Cate and my role is to work with you to create meaningful, heartfelt ceremonies which will enable you to celebrate your wedding, civil partnership, baby naming, vow renewal, or the life of a lost loved one, in a way which truly reflects personal values and beliefs.

Fiona Beeleysica watermark

Fiona Beeley

Naming Ceremonies | Funerals and Memorials | Other Ceremonies

With a background in pastoral care and undergoing training as an Interfaith Minister, my ethos is fully inclusive embracing many cultures, identities and belief systems. The ceremonies that I create have you and your loved ones at heart.

Scott Burtonsica watermark

Scott Burton

Funerals and Memorials

I offer unique, inclusive and personalised care, developing each service in partnership with you in order to get things just right.  I relish being able to serve those of all faiths and none and incorporate meaningful words or rituals from all traditions as desired.

John McRuviesica watermark

John McRuvie

Funerals and Memorials

My name is John McRuvie and I am a bespoke Funeral Celebrant. My background over the past thirty years has been public speaking . I also feel that my background fits in well with my undertaking that a Funeral Celebrant requires to be a compassionate, caring and listening individual who is also a highly experienced professional communicator.

Angela Maughansica watermark

Angela Maughan

Naming Ceremonies | Funerals and Memorials | Weddings | Legal Marriages | Other Ceremonies

I am a loving and respectful celebrant creating ceremonies all about you. I will support, guide you and write bespoke ceremonies reflecting your values. I always work with love and compassion and offer support and spiritual guidance.

Susan Frasersica watermark

Susan Fraser

Naming Ceremonies | Funerals and Memorials | Weddings | Other Ceremonies

Whether you are looking for a wedding celebration that is just the way you want it to be, a meaningful renewal of vows, a beautiful welcome for your new baby, or celebration of the life of a lost loved one, I will spend all the time it needs to help you create the service or ceremony that is right for you.

Kevin Thompsonsica watermark

Kevin Thompson

Naming Ceremonies | Funerals and Memorials | Weddings | Other Ceremonies

A long-time public speaker and educationalist, and now experienced celebrant, I bring these skills to helping families cope with the loss of a loved one or to celebrate that special event, be it a fully-legal wedding, child-naming, affirmation of vows or indeed anything else. I believe the wishes of the family to be paramount and will design a customised service to suit your wishes.

Diane McLeishsica watermark

Diane McLeish

Naming Ceremonies | Funerals and Memorials | Other Ceremonies

As the name suggests, my ceremonies are celebrations, honouring a life lost, welcoming a new life or identity or marking an important rite of passage. In addition to my own life experiences and professional background in the NHS, Public Health, Communities and Education I have an open-minded and culturally sensitive approach to life, death and everything in between.

Kirsty Williamssica watermark

Kirsty Williams

Naming Ceremonies | Funerals and Memorials | Other Ceremonies

I became an celebrant in May 2016, deciding to follow this vocation after being widowed in 2015. Kindness and compassion to others has always been my priority when working with people.

Jean Thomsonsica watermark

Jean Thomson

Naming Ceremonies | Funerals and Memorials | Weddings | Legal Marriages | Other Ceremonies

My name is Jean Thomson and I am a Celebrant operating throughout Scotland.

My aim is to create personal, meaningful, memorable ceremonies filled with love. It is a privilege to get to know families and work with them at both the saddest and happiest moments in their lives.

As a minister with the Open Sanctuary I am authorised by the Registrar General to conduct legal weddings anywhere in Scotland, indoors or outdoors.

Hazel Janesica watermark

Hazel Jane

Naming Ceremonies | Funerals and Memorials | Weddings | Legal Marriages | Other Ceremonies

I am happy to travel anywhere. I live in Glasgow and love a city wedding, but I'm just as happy up in the wilds of the Highlands and beyond.

My name is Reverend Hazel Jane, and I believe in magic

I believe in honour, in history, in symbolism, in truth. I believe we can celebrate love differently. I believe we can do death better.

I am an interfaith minister and creative celebrant living and working in one of the world’s most wonderful cities, Glasgow.

I conduct weddings, funerals, and rites of passage for gorgeous souls in Scotland and beyond. I’m passionate about telling stories. I craft with language and ritual to create beautiful, safe spaces – holding people wherever they are, offering whatever they might need.

Chris Vermeulensica watermark

Chris Vermeulen

Naming Ceremonies | Funerals and Memorials | Other Ceremonies

I mainly conduct funerals, but do take the occasional wedding, Baby naming ceremonies and scattering of ashes.  I also help prepare the wishes of those wanting to prepare their own ceremonies at some future date.

I was a minister for 33 years until I resigned 2017 to work independently creating personalised and unique services around the wishes, beliefs and values of the family, friends and loved one.

Ann Gourlaysica watermark

Ann Gourlay

Funerals and Memorials

With 40 years of NHS experience I am very aware of all the transitions in the Circle of Life. Each of these transitions are unique to you and your loved ones, it is my pleasure to work with you to co-create the Ceremony that puts you at the centre and allows meaningful expression of your special Ceremony.

Helen Parkersica watermark

Helen Parker

Funerals and Memorials

I am an Independent Funeral Celebrant , based in Renfrewshire, also covering Ayrshire, Inverclyde , Dunbartonshire and Glasgow.

I have a background working in homelessness and child protection, therefore have considerable experience in working with families during difficult times. I am also Vice President of Renfrewshire Speakers Club, therefore I am a confident public speaker. I love storytelling and decided to train as an Independent Celebrant with Celebrant Training Scotland in June 2022 and since then have delivered ceremonies in crematoria and also parlour/burial ceremonies.

Alasdair Gammacksica watermark

Alasdair Gammack

Funerals and Memorials

To conduct a funeral is a real privilege for me.  Losing a loved one is something most of us dread.  Being able to say farewell meaningfully whilst honouring the person you have lost is a big moment when you’re grieving.  It is my job to make that happen in the best possible way.

Lesley Frasersica watermark

Lesley Fraser

Naming Ceremonies | Funerals and Memorials | Weddings | Other Ceremonies

I have a background in bereavement and relationship counselling, broadcasting and public speaking for over 30 years. A trained nurse, I have long held the conviction that helping relatives and friends to say goodbye to their loved ones in a caring and sensitive way helps them to carry on despite their loss.

Nicola Norriesica watermark

Nicola Norrie

Funerals and Memorials | Weddings | Other Ceremonies

Much of my role as a celebrant is about storytelling, bringing your thoughts memories and wishes together to create uplifting and meaningful tributes to celebrate life.  My love of working with people attracted me to this particular vocation as it offers me the opportunity to support people through their significant life events and work together to create lasting memories.

Patricia Millonsica watermark

Patricia Millon

Naming Ceremonies | Funerals and Memorials | Weddings | Legal Marriages | Other Ceremonies

I work mainly in Perthshire, Scotland and surrounding areas such as Dundee, Stirling, Edinburgh, Falkirk, Glasgow, and Paisley.

I am an Independent Spiritual Minister and officially recognised to conduct legal marriages in Scotland. I work mainly in the Perth, Stirling and Glasgow areas carrying out various Ceremonies such as  Weddings, Wedding Blessings, Naming, Celebration of Life Funerals, Memorials, Scattering of Ashes,Weddings,

Ronnie Kainsica watermark

Ronnie Kain

Funerals and Memorials

Based in the North East of Scotland, I specialise in delivering specifically written funeral services, which are very much tailored to your loved one and can be completely non-religious or include some religious content.

By understanding the tone you require, I ensure each service I compile is specific and a real reflection of the person they were, while concentrating on their life and times and reigniting the memories and experiences you had together.

Naomi Keirsica watermark

Naomi Keir

Naming Ceremonies | Funerals and Memorials | Weddings | Other Ceremonies

Naomi offers entirely personalised celebrations, tailored to your exact requirements.  Spending time making sure all the details are what you want them to be, so you don’t have to worry.

Diane Goldbergsica watermark

Diane Goldberg

Funerals and Memorials

Diane Goldberg in an Independent Funeral Celebrant based in Cumbernauld. My work to date has spanned North & South Lanarkshire, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Edinburgh, the Lothians and the Scottish Borders. I am committed to working with families to prepare and conduct funeral services that honour their loved ones, focussing on everything that made them special and unique.

Gillian Robertsonsica watermark

Gillian Robertson

Naming Ceremonies | Funerals and Memorials | Weddings | Legal Marriages | Other Ceremonies

I believe in compassion, warm-heartedness and kindness and I bring these qualities to my interactions with families: I am committed to listening deeply and working together to craft a Ceremony that is unique and right for your particular threshold moment.

Isla Craigsica watermark

Isla Craig

Naming Ceremonies | Funerals and Memorials | Weddings | Other Ceremonies

I have many years experience of public speaking and writing services, and I will help you create the perfect ceremony for your celebration whether it is a funeral, a wedding celebration or a naming ceremony. I will help you create a service that reflects your personality and is a true celebration.

John Foxsica watermark

John Fox

Funerals and Memorials | Weddings | Other Ceremonies

I conduct funeral services throughout Central Scotland.

My name is John Fox and I am an Independent Celebrant officiating at funeral services throughout Central Scotland. I have recently taken early retirement from a career in the Civil Service, where I operated as a senior manager for many years, to combine professional celebrancy services with caring responsibilities.

Gaynor Hoggsica watermark

Gaynor Hogg

Naming Ceremonies | Funerals and Memorials | Weddings | Legal Marriages | Other Ceremonies

Happy to travel

I can help you create the most perfect ceremony, to mark the life event of your choosing, whether it’s working together on your legal wedding ceremony, welcoming the special gift of a baby, renewing the your vows, blessing your new house, a letting go ceremony, no matter the occasion if it’s a change in your life we can move through it together with love, compassion, meaning, and mirth in a way that is right for you.

Bill Millersica watermark

Bill Miller

Funerals and Memorials | Other Ceremonies

I fully understand that you only get one chance to say goodbye and that you want to make this occasion perfect.
You can be assured that all aspects of your service will be undertaken seamlessly from the first phone call till the final committal ceremony.

Nicola Johnstonsica watermark

Nicola Johnston

Funerals and Memorials

Based in the North East of Scotland, and willing to travel if required

I am an independent Funeral Celebrant.

My aim is to help you create and celebrate your loved ones life with a bespoke ceremony.

I am the voice on the day to tell your loved ones story.

“Everyone has a story to be told, no matter if they are with us for a brief time or a lifetime”


Gordon Smithsica watermark

Gordon Smith

Naming Ceremonies | Funerals and Memorials | Weddings | Other Ceremonies

Regardless of the life event you wish to mark or celebrate, whether happy or sad, attended by many or private, my training and experience allows me to create and conduct a truly unique ceremony. Each one being created with you, for you, to ensure a genuinely personal service.

Laura Gordonsica watermark

Laura Gordon

Naming Ceremonies | Funerals and Memorials | Weddings | Legal Marriages | Other Ceremonies

I mainly officiate ceremonies in Moray, Aberdeenshire and the Highlands, although I am willing to travel and can conduct ceremonies in all areas of Scotland.

My name is Laura Gordon and with over 11 years experience as a Celebrant and over 21 years experience in the funeral profession I understand and appreciate the need for families, couples and individuals to be offered more choice in arranging personal and tailor-made ceremonies to mark the major events and celebrations in their lives.

Gwen Walkersica watermark

Gwen Walker

Funerals and Memorials

I will meet with you, the family, wherever you feel most comfortable and together will create a tribute of cherished memories.  I will also supply your choice of music, poems or readings as well as giving you full control over your service content.

Chris Lerpinieresica watermark

Chris Lerpiniere

Naming Ceremonies | Funerals and Memorials | Other Ceremonies

Every person we pass has a unique, vivid and complex life, wrapped in a cloud of backstory. I take great joy in this uniqueness and harmony in each of our lives and respect the sanctity of life from the joy of birth through to the sadness of death, life’s natural conclusion. I will always endeavour to create and deliver a service, ceremony or ritual that is responsive to the wishes of my clients.

Rachel Cheersica watermark

Rachel Cheer

Naming Ceremonies | Funerals and Memorials | Weddings | Other Ceremonies

I believe in creating ceremonies that are authentic, unique and memorable. I want you to be a part of your ceremony, not just a witness to it. This can be achieved through the use of activities or rituals. These might be ancient customs such as exchanging rings or lighting a candle. They might be something bespoke, designed to be sincere, heartfelt and truthful to your story.

Sarah Burnsidesica watermark

Sarah Burnside

Naming Ceremonies | Funerals and Memorials | Other Ceremonies

Each ceremony is bespoke and lovingly crafted in collaboration with those for whom the ceremony is written and can be as formal or informal as you would like. It can include as many spiritual and cultural elements as you wish – or indeed none at all – and is always warm and inviting.

Annette MacDonaldsica watermark

Annette MacDonald

Naming Ceremonies | Funerals and Memorials | Other Ceremonies

Through the years, I have listened to the families for whom I was privileged to be able to assist and I know that they appreciated being given a choice as to how the service for their loved one was conducted.  As a result of this, I took the steps to continue my professional development and train as a Civil Celebrant.

John Porterfieldsica watermark

John Porterfield

Funerals and Memorials

I am an experienced and formally trained Funeral Celebrant, and hold the National Qualification NOCN level 3 Diploma in Funeral Celebrancy, the highest Celebrant qualification in the UK.

Michael Hannahsica watermark

Michael Hannah

Funerals and Memorials | Other Ceremonies

I mainly work in the Dundee, Fife and Perth areas but I am happy to discuss funerals or memorials in other parts of Scotland and I can also conduct online ceremonies.

I’m a skilled listener and work with sensitivity, compassion and calm professionalism. The power of the spoken word is very important to me and I work hard to capture the essence of a person’s life and deliver that effectively. I can help a family to choose appropriate readings and I will sometimes write pieces of poetry myself.

Rachel Hendersonsica watermark

Rachel Henderson

Naming Ceremonies | Funerals and Memorials | Weddings | Other Ceremonies

WEDDINGS/HANDFASTINGS: Anywhere in Scotland. FUNERALS: Ideally in The Borders but happy to go up to Edinburgh way. NAMINGS: Anywhere. PET MEMORIALS: Scottish Borders

Our lives are full of entrances, exits, celebrations and pauses!

My name is Rachel and my passion is people; understanding them, supporting them, hearing what is said (and often not said) and then creating informal, relaxed and heartfelt ceremonies.

Anne Welssica watermark

Anne Wels

Naming Ceremonies | Funerals and Memorials | Other Ceremonies

My name is Anne Wels and I’d be delighted to be your celebrant and help you tailor a service to fit your needs for one of the most important moments in your life and it will come straight from the heart.

Ewan Skinnersica watermark

Ewan Skinner

Naming Ceremonies | Funerals and Memorials | Other Ceremonies

I am an Independent Celebrant based in the East of Scotland.

The services I am able to conduct can contain whatever religious or non religious content. Although it is a sad time, the ceremony would be designed to honour, pay tribute to and give thanks for the life of your loved one.

Jonathan Buchansica watermark

Jonathan Buchan

Naming Ceremonies | Funerals and Memorials | Weddings

Hello, my name is Jonathan Buchan and I am an independent celebrant travelling all across Scotland carrying out special ceremonies.

I am available to conduct Funeral and Memorial Services in any location, as well as Wedding Ceremonies, Renewal of Vows and Baby Naming ceremonies. I will take time and help you make it just right for you.